Zahid Jamil & Co.
Chartered Accountants
An Independent Member Firm of PrimeGlobal

Zahid Jamil & Co as Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan with existence in Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad provides a wide range of assurance services, with the primary focus on the objective of assurance on the reliability and relevance of financial information and a host of non-financial aspects, data, processes, operations and procedures and on the effectiveness and efficiency of controls.

Zahid Jamil & Co, Chartered Accountants commit to deliver quality assurance is designed not only to ensure compliance of all rules of local law and also international standards. We also ensure the delivery in time under the supervision of experience and industry specific experienced personnel.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of audit and assurance services to public, semi-public and private companies:-

Statutory Audit

Financial audits of both domestic and foreign companies, public or private limited companies, branches of foreign entities, provident funds, pension, gratuity and other employee benefit funds, charities trust or non-governmental organizations.

To ensure the truth and fairness of financial statements to be prepared and presented in accordance with identified financial reporting framework e.g. in Pakistan these are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS) issued by IASB and adopted by SECP, Companies Ordinance 1984 and other circulars and directives issued by SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan).

To be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing IASA’s issued by International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) as applicable in Pakistan.

  • Management Audit
  • Internal Audit and System Control Review (SCR)
  • Information System Audit
  • Tax audit
  • Regulatory Audit & Regulatory Compliance Review (RCR)
  • Cost Audits & Cost Allocation Studies
  • Share Transfer Audit
  • Review and Complication Assignments